The OptiSolar Thermodule®

The Thermodule® heat profile extracts heat from the ambient air. The unique design ensures that the air continues to flow through the air ducts causing an inexhaustible heat source. This feature warrants the high efficiency which is nowhere else to be seen. The ambient air is an inexhaustable heat source.

The Thermodules® will be modular applied.

We have several possible executions:

The piping will then be connected to the heat pump. Ancillary equipment e.g. Pv panels, warm water storage vessel, smart controller can be supplied.

Benefits Thermodule®

  • Short pay back period
  • Unique design of the air ducts
  • No maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Day and night (24/7) source of comfortable heat
  • Modular system
  • Cradle to cradle design / recycling