How does an OptiSolar PVT system work?

Heat source

The heat source is the air in the Thermodule®. It is designed to extract heat from the ambient (surrounding) air. The unique design of the air ducts within the Thermodule® ensure a continuous flow of ambient air through the air ducts. In the Thermodule® the heat is transferred from the air to the water/antifreeze mixture. This heated mix is pumped to the heat pump. In the heat pump the available heat is upgraded to a temperature suitable for heating your home, company building or hot water usage.

Heat pump

A heat pump works in the same way as the the motor compressor inside your refrigerator. It transfers heat by using the compressor and expansion valve. The temperature of the outgoing water can be increased up to 35-55 degrees Celsius for hot water.

Thermodule® heat profile

Thermodule® heat profile is a heat source that will generate heat for hot water and comfortably warm your home, company or utilities. By extracting heat from the profile the attached solar panels will be cooled. This cooling will optimize the electricity production of the solar panels with approximately 10-12 %.

PVT explained

OptiSolar PVT uses innovative PVT panels that are a direct source of both electricity and heat. The combination is called PVT. PV meaning Photo-Voltaic and T stands for Thermal. The PV panel will be connected to your existing electricity supply and the heat pump to your existing heating system.

The PVT system can be supplied with a.o. several types and sizes solar panels, warm water storage vessel, heat pump, controller and other equipment.