Do you like free energy? Welcome to our sustainable world!

Free energy to heat your home or building?

Do you like a lower energy bill? Can we still heat our houses with fossil fuels in the future? Why don't we use the free energy from the sun to heat our homes? Can we use the earth to cool our houses?

It is now possible! Using the ambient air to heat our houses in winter time. And use the sun instead of fossil fuels.

Supply of PVT systems

OptiSolar PVT B.V. is the specialist for generating renewable energy and the inventor of the Thermodule® heat source.Thermodule® is using free energy from the surrounding air. How does it work? Click here

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OptiSolar News

Since the discovery of the natural gas fields in the Netherlands in 1959 more than 3582 billion m3 gas has been used.


Add value to your house

The value of your house or building increases if it is powered and heated with renewable energy. And when you like to sell it it is in avarage more than two months shorter on sale.

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